Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for being absent for this long, in writing “Updates”.  I guess I feel that if I don’t have a video tutorial to share with you, I need to wait until I do.    But I have things to share now.

I don’t have the video tutorials from the students at SFSU yet but I think I’ll get them soon.  I went back to the college on Feb 21st to see the rough drafts and that was really interesting.  There are three groups of three students each and one that has four students, each group making a different video tutorial.

The professor was fairly brutal with them when he needed to be, telling one group that they needed to reshoot it completely and with different talent.  It was the largest of the groups, having four young men in it and none of them had wanted to be on camera.  So they got one of their roommates to be the “On Camera” person.  He looked like someone was holding a gun on him and he sounded like a robot.

When it was over, the professor told them that he couldn’t relate to it at all because the presentation was so bad.  One of the young men was mad at his classmates because he had said at the time… “This isn’t going to work and we’re going to have to reshoot it”, (which is exactly what happened) but the other three thought it would be ok and over-ruled him.  I felt for him and hoped the chocolate cake I had brought for them all, helped.  Cake heals.

Then I went back on March 7th to see and receive (I thought) the final products.  This time I brought them an Amaretto Almond Pound Cake to munch on while we watched the movies.   And I loved their efforts.  I was so grateful for their efforts that I had hardly any requests other than two editing items I wanted taken care of before they could go on my site.  The professor told them that I am the nicest client they will ever have in the future.  That was sweet.

The end result was that the actual video tutorials are not ready yet.  I thought I’d have them by now but apparently the professor wants them to be better for the grading he will be doing on their work.  He’s a great professor and I think the students all like him a lot.

Here’s a photo of the students, one holding a piece of cake and one holding an empty plate.  That’s the professor in the plaid shirt in the back row.  He looks as young as all of them practically.

I just love these people for the work they are all doing to try and help me help all of you.

On other news fronts…I have a new toy.  It’s called the DJI Oslo Mobile.  It’s a gimbal and I had never heard that term.  Sounds like a cocktail to me.  But instead it’s a stabilizing device that was demonstrated at the end of an Apple Workshop on using the iPhone as a video camera.  Here’s a photo of it…now that I just learned how to insert a  photo into these newsletters.

This item is going to be such a help to me when we go to Hungary in May.  I want to shoot video of what I’m seeing to share with all of you and this tool will help me shoot much more stable footage.  I’m so excited to have it and learn more about how to use it to get the best result.

And the last item to cover, is my recent Bird Watching adventure with Ben and the group.  We went to the Mt. View Sanitation District which boarders on the Wetlands a mile or so before HWY 680 goes over the Benecia Bridge.  It was a great day and I had so much fun editing the footage.  I hope you like it.


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