Hi Everyone,

I’ve missed the last two sessions with Ben and his bird watching group.  On Wednesday, January 25, the group got to see an amazing event.  A whole flock (between 30 and 35) of Black-crowned Night Herons, came flying in and settled in two near-by trees.  What an amazing gift that group received on such a cold raw day out by the water.

Then on February 1st, just day before yesterday, they sighted and identified about 52 different birds.  I did my best, not having been there myself, to bring you the sights and sounds of what they saw.  I wish I had been there myself.

It’s a very enjoyable thing to do, this bird watching and I encourage you to come along if you live in the Lamorinda area of the SF Bay Area.  Contact the Lafayette Senior Center if you would like to join Ben and the group.

Thanks for watching,


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