Hi Everyone,

Have you ever been to Universal Studios in Los Angeles?  I hadn’t, so when my daughter was going to be there with her children and grandchildren, I asked my husband to take me down for the day.  It had been cold and rainy here all that week and Saturday was no exception.  It rained almost all the way down to Marina Del Mar, where we stayed with my granddaughter and her husband for the night, but we arose to a spectacular day on Sunday.

On the way to Universal Studios to meet my family, we dropped off our luggage at the AirB&B my husband had found on the internet.  It was such an interesting house and the man who lived there was sweet to show us his deck that overlooked LA.  I liked his deck and the way he had decorated it for entertaining, better than the view.

So for those that’s never been there, or haven’t been in a while…I hope you enjoy this short trip with me.


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